Tail Shafts are critical to the smooth running of your car, especially in RWD and 4WD vehicles. If a Tail Shaft has worn universal joints, is unbalanced or has been damaged in some way, vibration may result and failure may occur.

PDR Differential has the knowledge to diagnose your problem, as well as the expertise and facilities to repair it in-house. All Tail Shafts are balanced on our top of the line Shenck Tail Shaft Balancer.

Our capability extends to balancing modifying and replacing:

  • Automotive tail shafts
  • Industrial & Off-Highway Driveshafts
  • Heavy Tail Shafts
  • Universal Joints

    * We can supply the associated components.

For the performance orientated driver, PDR Differential has a wealth of experience in custom design projects.

If you suspect something is not quite right, feel vibration or need a custom job, Contact us now to discuss your requirements.