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How do I calculate my diff ratio?

The Ratio is determined by the number of teeth on the Crown Wheel and the Pinion. For example, 41 Crown wheel teeth divided by 10 Pinion teeth = 4.1 Ratio.

Crown Wheel

If I lower my car's revs on the highway will it improve economy?

Lowering the revs of your car on the highway could potentially increase the cars economy. However there is a complex set of elements that all play a part in creating good fuel economy:
1. Driving style
2. The extra weight towed or stored in a car/truck
3. The torque curve of the engine
4. The weather and the type of road and road conditions
5. Tyre size and type

Dash Board

If I have a noise in the right hand side of the front of the car and I turn a sharp corner, would that matter?

In short the answer is no. It may be the Left cv that needs to be replaced. Or, it might be another mechanical component that is worn out.
Best to make an appointment to have us check the noise and advise you on a course of action from there.