Constant Velocity Joints

CV Joints allow the power to be transmitted at variable angles, allowing for constant movement or velocity. These are widely used in front wheel drive, all wheel drive and real wheel drive cars with independent rear suspension.

CV Driveshafts

We supply a wide range of changeover Driveshafts to suit most common applications. PDR has the product knowledge to help you with your diagnosis. All our shafts are supplied with new outer CV Joints and all new boots.

CV Joints

These joints are designed to drive through varying angles (Steering or Suspension travel) at a constant driveshaft speed. CV Joints are found in front wheel drive vehicles, independent rear suspension RWD vehicles as well as some tailshafts.


CV Boots

CV Boots are the protective rubber or hard plastic cover over the CV Joints. They keep out dirt and water, while keeping the grease in. A split boot must be replaced immediately to increase the life of a CV joint.

* A range of CV joints and boots to suit most common vehicles are kept in stock for your convenience, and rapid replacement of damaged parts.

Please contact us with your specific requirments.