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Industry: Automotive

A local dealer was having continuous trouble with the drive train on an all wheel drive SUV. The rear differential was replaced 3 times in 4000 kms. The vehicle had issues for the start and the warranty was covering the repairs. The local dealer approached us to inspect and advise them of the best possible solution to the issue.

We tested the SUV and agreed that the noise was in fact another damaged diff.

Our team conducted an investigation:
     1. Checking that tyre size was correct on all wheels
     2. Ensuring rolling radius of the tyres was within spec.
     3. Checking that the front and rear diff ratios; all was good here
     4. Inspecting the transfer case, mechanically it was fine. Electrically it was not operating as it should.

The ECU sends a signal to the transfer case to determine the allocation of power from front to rear. In this case the transfer case and the ECU were sending 100% drive to the rear of the car and the lack of drive to the front diff was causing the rear diff to wear excessively.

Based on our finding the local dealer replaced the transfer case and the rear diff and reset the ECU, checking to make sure the correct drive allocation was being sent.

The result is that the owner has enjoyed thousands of kilometers with no further issues.

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