PDR Differential & Driveshaft Centre
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Welcome to PDR Differential and Driveshaft Centre.

At PDR, we are dedicated to making cars run smooth. In car language, this means we specialise in the repair and maintenance of differentials, drive shafts, tail shafts, CV joints and boots. Whether you want to lower revs for highway use, improve torque when towing a load, or get your performance vehicle ready for comp, we can perform any necessary ratio changes to get your car running the way your need.

We also service off-road 4WDs, performance cars, as well as off highway and industrial vehicles. PDR has an alliance with almost all dealerships in Geelong, which means we have a broader knowledge base to accurately diagnose the problem, or recommend a more appropriate facility.

All our staff are professionally trained and have 10 to 30+ years experience. PDR Differential and Drive Centre has a purpose built facility with top of the line equipment, which means not only can our staff answer your questions and diagnose the problem, they have the best tools to fix it too.

However, it’s what we don't fix that's built our reputation; We have never fixed anything that was not broken.